An incoming coupon!!

Hello flippers!

Are you missing the coupons? We’ve got you covered!


finally working coupon…thanks

Great work :blush:


i missed video rewards too :wink:

Are the video rewards back in your region?

Doesn’t work for me. It says it’s no longer valid. :frowning:

@MonkEXT it expired acouple days ago. You have to use them within I’d say average first 2 days they are posted as they only have so many uses per code. Once they are used up it goes invalid. Keep a look out on Mondays or Fridays its usually when new discount codes are dropped. There is acouple codes on another post with 2 codes that should be valid still. They are video reward codes cant remember which post it is though sorry.

@MonkEXT try these WBTXJDG9 5% off and FCF5WLXX 10% off


hi, where can I watch reward videos in the app?


Video Rewards are not available anymore I believe. It maybe back in future or was just a trial/promotional run


i love gameflip. no need video rewards . :heart: i lave gameflip without video rewards :heart:
you dont need video rewards too. try to sell items .better.i love gameflip:heart::heart::heart::heart:

Some people don’t have items to sell, and the rewards give them coupons… and extra credits to buy something they want. To tell someone to sell something better is just rude as its not as easy as listing an item cheaply…


it was a joke .ofc i missed video rewards too…
hopefully it will start again as soon as possible

Your answer has nothing to do with what I asked (if in your region the feature was still working), but ok.
Thankfully others answered that for me. Have a good day.

He was very rude indeed. But no worries as it wasn’t his first time so I kinda expected something like that.
Thanks for the people that (privately) answered that there is no region where the Video Rewards are working. Just what I wanted to know.
Have a great week y’all! :slight_smile:

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Gameflip is always suprising us with its discount codes, bonuses etc…Its an unique website in its own field.They just sent me a 2 dollars as a gift today.I love gameflip cause of these things.I hope we will able to keep working together for longer terms.