A new coupon is here!

Hello Flippers!

We have a new coupon so you can use and get an amazing discount on your favorite item on Gameflip!


Great coupon!

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Coupons are always awesome.

I’d like to point out a tiny, but sometimes major, flaw in the discount code system @DunnBiscuit if you purchase an item with a discount code and the seller cancels the order, for any number of reasons. The discount code will still be considered used. Which can be unfortunate.

It happened to me once, a while back. So I’m not sure if this has been addressed, or not. Just thought I’d bring it up.


Happened to me twice today.
Very frustrating.

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You can use the discount if you sure about this time, if you are not, then do not buy it Because you can use it only once!

But the problem is, for example, today I have had three purchases from three different sellers, each one trying to get a Google Play card that I used a discount code on, and then after completing the purchase the code that they provided did not work.
Each time I messaged the seller trying to get them to provide a good code so I would not have to cancel the order and lose my discount.
So through no fault of my own, I’ve been cheated out of three different discount codes today alone.

Until when is the coupon valid?

maybe after 2 ~ 3 Days.

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