It's really B's that you lose your coupon if seller cancels!

If seller doesn’t send in 4-5 days you should get your coupon back if they cancel transaction… the one time you have a 12% up to 30$ off and I get screwed because seller wouldn’t send code. It’s not my fault!!! I shouldn’t lose my coupon!!


I had responded earlier and I thought it was the same code and had my transactions mixed up but I completely agree. It happened to me back to back. The one with black Friday and another one. The black Friday one really hurt. Upsetting indeed.

You even lose it now if you put it in to see the price after coupon and then change your mind.

What do you mean? No you don’t

Has happened to me twice. Unless it was some bug… but I was unable to use the coupon afterward.

it s your fault.choose trustable seller not cheapest seller

I’ve had that happen to me more than once. Seller just cancels or wouldn’t reply or sells me an invalid code. Lost my coupon on that. sucks.

Exactly… When I contacted game flip about why a seller can cancel an order then re list the item moments later for $10 more (basically he realised there was a coupon and that he could get more for the product), they kept ignoring the question in their replies. And it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to leave the seller a bad feedback about that! What sort of system is that? I lost my coupon and now there are no eshop cards with a heavy discount for sale, nor a coupon… so it will actually work out to more than full price with game flip’s fees added! And the seller just gets away with it and how badly it screwed me up as I had bought $100 credit from him for the equivalent of $85 after the coupon, and now I have no credit in my eshop account with all the Xmas sales on. BOO. Why don’t game flip protect the customer more and at least discourage such behaviour from seller? What’s even worse - The seller had a terrible listing full of errors, and i corrected it for him including all the spelling mistakes… I sent him a message with the correction, and he went ahead and used it and is still using it, and THEN cancelled my order! How scummy is that? Next, Gameflip send me codes to my telephone and there is NO expiry date or terms and conditions… I go and use it a few days after and it’s no longer valid! I contact them about it and they just say “we can’t help you it’s no longer valid” and just ignore all the things I said about the message having no warnings or expiry dates! Really getting put off now, this is not good customer service.

This hasn’t happened to me but wow they should fix it.