EZ_Touch seller with very bad practices

I have bought dissolver (steam) from him, he cancels saying it’s already sold, but he puts new publications with the same item at higher price, I bougth it for 12.99 and now he cancels my purchase and put at 14$ and 15$.
I miss my discount of SEP1 please any help? I will buy from other seller and I wish to have that disccount. Please help, and take a look of that bad seller --> EZ_Touch

Added screenshots:

It’s not a big deal so, you can use the same coupon, also you can find some coupons in this gameflip forums a lot of flippers and mods shares some coupons find them out.

@adam_saber unfortunately he cannot use the coupon again. This has happened to me on multiple occasions, even where I enter it to see what the price would be but never use it, it then claims it has been used.

Never again buy from sellers that don’t deliver the code/item automatically.

Problem solved.

P.S.: I’ve been where you’re now and seen this happening a huge number of times. The moderators response is always the same: “I’m sorry this happened to you, but don’t worry and stay alert for more discount codes that we give out weekly”.

As the above people have stated to you, there is unfortunately no way to re-claim your ability to use a one-use coupon again. Try to steer clear of this seller next time. Sadly, you can only wait for new coupon codes to be released.

agree with you man :innocent:

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sellers with very cheap prices are not pro at doing theirs job. next time be carefull at picking your seller when you looking for professionaltiy

That happened to me too with the “MOEND” coupon. (Diff user tho)
I wish there was a way to recover it incase the purchase was cancelled. :confused:

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