Discount Code issue MUST READ

I purchased a gift card that had a restriction on my region. I was so disappointed. I completely understand I was wrong for not reading the sellers information properly. I love gameflip I do. I had a issue today. I purchased the gift card and used my 15% discount towards the purchase. The seller cancelled my purchase. I then went to purchase the proper gift card and apply my discount but it says my discount has already been used. I’m so sad. Please help me. Maybe gameflip system can soon recognize these kind of issues and automatically redeem your code back for use. Thanks. Hopefully this gets resolved. I trust gameflip very much!

What was the code?

Hello! Can you tell me wich ccode you used and send me screenshots of this issue so i can check further?

Please PM me with this information.

Thank you.

It’s alright man. I went ahead and paid full price. Next time something happens like that (if) I’ll know what to do based off of what you just told me. Thanks for responding! I’ll be more careful next time!

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