Flash Coupon Promotion!

Hey guys! Want a discount on your favorite item on Gameflip?

Use the code PLAYMORE to get 20% off (5$ max) while purchasing!

(This coupon code has a limited quantity, so hurry!)



@DunnBiscuit sorry for commenting here but did You check the guy I reported?

Seller cancelled my order… went to use the code again and it says no longer valid :frowning:

Yeah that’s a major downfall with the code system. I’ve had that happen before and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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You may contact our support team and explain what happened, I’m sure they will pass along to the coupon team so they can send you whenever we have a new promo.

Thank you.

No longer Active :disappointed_relieved:

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Stop spamming. It is sunday. He wont respond till tomorrow

went late …

There will be more promotions, follow Gameflip on Twitter and Facebook too.

Any active?

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Yes!. Check the new post in promotions category

@DunnBiscuit please check my ticket… 412201

Have not received any response

Just answered your ticket.


Please read my ticket @DunnBiscuit

… I replied ot again for further help thanks so much

could you please take a look to my ticket… 412201

you told me if issue persist contact back but no answer and has passed more than average time


Just answered, PM me when you respond, thank you!

Thanks just replied back to close the ticket thank you so much

any active ?