Any New Codes ?

They don’t alway send an notification through the app. Sometimes they only post it to their social media accounts.

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@SenhorCrystal i got the notification from my twitter account, i would suggest you follow Gameflip there !!

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Will not work on either - in game and/or gift card

@lexxxarnobxllxxxiivv The code is expired. Most Gameflip codes only last a couple hours after posted. If you want to be the first to get a code, I recommend following their social media!

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Use POWER for 35% off (max $4)

@Andgiles Thanks! Just used it.

Just worked many thanks.

Also work on gift card.0

There hasn’t been a code in forever. :confused:

Dude! You’re an angel!

For days I’d been obsessively waiting/searching for a code… (I kept sleeping through them)

Then yesterday, I FINALLY catch the notification…
But I see its only for game items. So I, of course, do the reasonable thing, and immediately flick it away in a fit of annoyance.

It didn’t take long for me to see I should have just TRIED the code anyways… so I raced over here, without much hope that someone would have posted in time. But to my shock and delight… some beautiful soul(you) had answered my prayers!!

Lol. So that’s my very long winded way of saying THANK YOU!

Yup :turkey: z gonna be up really great soon though

Use code HELMET to get 25% OFF max $2

It was expired 9 hours ago when I tried it but now it works. May still have some uses left for others that want to try.


Use code FAMILY to get 35% OFF max $3


Nice, got it just in time.

Use GN22 for 40% off gift cards (max $4)

Use THANKSGIVING for 50% off (max $2)

Just tried using the new THANKSGIVING code and it’s already telling me it expired. :smiling_face_with_tear::sob:

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No longer works