anyone else get these rewards?

btw ty gameflip i appreciate you too :heart_eyes:


Gameflip is the best.

Lucy :heart:

Yep 2 or 3 times so far

These rewards / discount codes being send to peoples gameflip account phone number seen to happening randomly to random people at different times.

I see by the pictures you didn’t get the last discount code that was send out on the 8th of February.
My guess the discount codes / credits does not go to all people people. Its maybe a machine that pictures random people every here and there.

I used to have more but I clear my texts list every here and there with a app that cleans my phone

(If i get discount codes I normally share them on the forums because its nice to make people happy and smile plus the codes are limited amounts)

My guess is the next big discount code will be send out soon because V-Day coming up
I see this code being 20% off up to $50 but only time will tell


Lucy :heart:


i think it’s something related to sim distributor because sometime i get my credits late for example when the new year strated everyone got a 2$ reward i think i got in the 2nd week of January but anyway i get the discount coupons from the forum and gameflip twitter :joy:

Hm I dont think so in my opinion after today