COUPON SAVE 20% ($5 Max Discount)

Happy Valentine’s Day! :gift_heart:

Use coupon: VALENTINE19 & SAVE 20% ($5 Max Discount)

Hurry in, coupon quantity is limited! Only available 48 hours!



Early coupon incoming! Use code SURPRISE! upon checkout to get 15% off on any item on Gameflip (limit $5).

There 2 different codes that work atm.

Thank you I didn’t know about the valentine code!

Please follow them at Gameflip Twitter Account

Please follow them at Gameflip Facebook Account

They normally post discount on them random or on holiday.

They also random text random gameflip accounts phone number discounts code too.

Lucy :heart:

Yes I always get SMS messages from them. I also follow them on Twitter for some codes but im not really a social websites kind of user, so I haven’t visited Twitter in a couple of days :slight_smile:

Just make sure around holidays to keep a eye out on there twitter account.

If you miss them tweeting it most likely someone will post the code here.

Remember we’re a big loving family.

Lucy :heart:

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yes code surprise! is 15%

Yup yup I posted it here being it was send out right around the vday code so being people will open this to see the vday code I was hoping they would see the 2nd code giving them 2 codes

Lucy :heart:

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5$ max discount . Why not 50 anymore :frowning:

They give out like 4 50$ off codes around xmas and they only was doing only 200 limited so not everyone got to use them.

5$ they give people alot more out so people can get to use them more often.

The 50$ off rarely going to happening now.

Lucy :heart: