$50 max discount code

I have some big items and what I need is some more 20% off ($50 max) discount codes to help the buyer feel good about a big purchase.

Gameflip used to do these quite regularly but since the new year all the codes are ($5 max).

I do appreciate the $5 max codes but it would be nice to still have the $50 max every once in a while.

Any thoughts on this?

The last time they give them out was little before xmas, xmas and after xmas.

It was a special time of the year.

$50 they couldn’t give alot of them and very few of them people will use the code to its maximum potential. They should be giving out any for special times.

The $5 they could give them out more often and alot more codes each times and 99% of them will be used for the maximum potential beimg its easy to spend $20-30 to get the $5 off.

Lucy :heart:


Yeah I figure that was there thought process on the codes. I know I took advantage of every $50 max code both buying and selling.

I miss them. It had a huge impact when flipping for max profit and the buyer feels like they got a great deal.

Anyway here’s hoping that they release more. 5 dollars is nice but $50 is amazing :wink:

Yes I did too but they was only giving maybe 200 of them $50 codes and they would be gone with in a few hours. Most people didn’t have time to see the code or did they have the time to use it. The $5 codes they give so more often and alot of people can use them sometime it takes a full or plus to use all them $5 codes

Lucy :heart: