Bitcoin Application Rejected

Yesterday I applied for a Bitcoin Payout, and today I received a message from Gameflip’s Mobile App saying my Bitcoin Payout Application was rejected and I needed to reapply with the correct information, I Would like to get an answer for this case, since I’ve provided the correct information and I have sold more than 20 listings.
My Code is the Following: YX26JW
Thanks and I hope you can help me resolve this issue.

Read this

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I read the article but I don’t want to re-apply to get my Application rejected again, I would like to receive a response from a Moderator, Thanks anyways @Wayz_Shop

Then submit a ticket here and ask why you got rejected

Hello, I just got a reply from the ticket, I didn’t get an answer for my questions, please I would like to contact a moderator direclty. @DunnBiscuit

Due to the type of the cards you are selling your BTC application got rejected.

Do not sell such gift cards since they are forbidden within the martketplace. If you keep selling those, your account might ended suspended.

Thank you.

Hello @DunnBiscuit Thanks for responding my message, but I don’t understand why the gift cards are forbidden, I have read all the conditions in the “Selling/Gift Card” Article but there’s nothing wrong with those cards, also there’s people selling the same cards as I do and I have not received any issue or concern from my buyers.

Many of those cards are target of fraud therefore, toa void issues, they are forbidden here.

If you see any listing like those ones, please, report those so we can take them down.

Unfortunately, I must stick to what I said:

"Due to the type of the cards you are selling your BTC application got rejected.

Do not sell such gift cards since they are forbidden within the marketplace. If you keep selling those, your account might end suspended."

Thank you.

Thanks! I responded the ticket that support sent me but I haven’t got any answer since last thursday, could you check it out please? @DunnBiscuit

Just answered it.

Thank you.

Hello! I would like to know what specific gift cards are permitted within the marketplace, since gameflip’s marketplace is awesome!

Any game related gift cards: eShop, Steam, Google Play, iTunes, PSN, Xbox, also gift cards from Sturbucks and Amazon are also accepted.

You have question about any specific gift card, please PM me.

Thank you.

Hello! I was checking the listings and this person is selling cards that I’m not sure if the are forbidden
The cards that I’m not sure are: Sephora’s Cards and Under Armour Cards, Thanks!

@DevRoid171 will not appreciate you exposing users for selling forbidden items

Honestly who cares. I already told you I was struggling to pay past due medical bills. My mom has stage 4 cancer. Do what you want with your time, you seem like you don’t have anything better or any loved ones around since youre online nearly daily. Who has this much time?

Youre not an admin or mod - just someone who jumps to conclusions and is hurt because you were banned. It’s just sad at this point.

are you lyskayshop?

No hes ( profile not found ) shop

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Everyone please be using the forums to argue on someone else is post.

This post was 13 days old so there no need to post on it.

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Yes. we should obey to the queen

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Thanks for this @Marys_Shop, I’ll check it out.

@Shannon_Parker1, please stop creating confusion around here, or your account will end permanently suspended here.

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