Bitcoin Payout Application Rejected [WHY?]

Hello, im seller Simply Leet

I was going to do my first withdrawal… However, i was rejected without an explanation. I provided all the proper details and information to confirm my Bitcoin Payout, but i was rejected WITHOUT AN EXPLANATION.

I feel completely let down.

I remember i had issues on Gameflip where the 2-step Authentication Code would not appear on my Gameflip app, although i did solve this issue. However, this time another issue has crawled up onto my plate and it’s honestly so frustrating and stressful! While providing the correct personal information, my Bitcoin Payout Application was rejected, without an explanation.


Any Mods or Admins out there to help ???




Help me out please.

Your account is verified right?

@adam_saber Yes, my account is verified.

You trying to payout with paypal or btc?

@adam_saber Bitcoin (BTC)


Can you help me out?

Profile code: ESEFZ1

Oh, i didn’t try it before @DarkKnight Will help you out dont worry

@adam_saber Thank you for helping me out Adam, i truly appreciate it :slight_smile:

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you are very welcome i will be always there for help! :blush:

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You must have more than 20 sales

@Jeison_Carvajal So i can’t have 20 sales exactly, i must have more than 20 sales, is that correct? please let me know.

@Jeison_Carvajal because i have exactly 20 sales and 20 ratings. im not sure if i need more sales… is there any mods i can directly speak to about this issue?

I think 20 sales completed is ok, yes you should open a ticket, so you can ask why is rejected

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@Jeison_Carvajal Okay, well yesterday night i re-applied my Bitcoin Payout Application, if i get rejected again ill definitely open a Ticket.

Thanks Jeison :slight_smile:

No no, it’s not because of this Reason, If you withdraw using paypal and it says Denied by paypal so you have to talk with PayPal Support and they will solve it for you

@adam_saber Adam i don’t use Paypal i use Bitcoin :slight_smile:

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Aww, okay but you have to talk to Gameflip Support they will solve it for you for sure!

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@adam_saber Okay if my Bitcoin Application gets rejected again tomorrow (i hope not), i’ll definitely email Gameflip Support.

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