Payment - BTC - rejected


I have $264 I wanted to get paid out in BTC. I was told to send in my ID to verify myself so first I sent in my drivers license but that got rejected. I contacted support on Monday to ask why. Tuesday I try again with my passport but then again today that also got REJECTED. No answer from support either. Please up your services, I’ve had nothing but problems with Gameflip, if you look back, my skin also got lost in their system for 2 weeks. I’m very unhappy with how I’ve been treated and after I get my payout I’m not using your services anymore, I’m tired of being treated like a fool.


Our current average response time for support tickets is about 10 hours or less so you should have received a response. Please check your spam folder for our reply. If you still don’t see it, private message me your Invite Code and I’ll look into it. Thanks!

EDIT: I found your ticket. I also see that we sent you two previous messages explaining why your request was rejected: One on 10/14 and another on 10/15.

The reason your Bitcoin withdraw request was rejected was because you do not have enough listings. Please refer to this link:

“In order to apply for Bitcoin payout, you will first need to have at least listed 20 items onto the Gameflip marketplace.”