BTC Payout Rejected

My payout application for btc was rejected but there is no information for what is wrong
@op_JOkEr its possible to know how i can send the correct information for a reapply?

if yes, can u tell me in pm?

Same for me. First i sent my passport with Coinbase - rejected. Second my driver license with - rejected. And now third international passport with Poloniex - will wait for answer. Should i write my full legal name on my native language or only on English? Maybe somebody can help me? Thanks.

yeah, i dont know what happenned too, because other sites accept the same documentation and my doc its with other language so i dont know what to do

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same to me. other popular site approved my document and i could withdraw with btc. so i dont know too…we should wait for Admin response and some help. PS. suppots (help center) still not answer for my ticket, but i understand cause they have lots work now. So we should be patient…but if they rejected my third document i dont really know what to do after

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Hey guys, please pm me your invite codes, so I can check these for you?


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I sent the message :smiley: