Your bitcoin payout application for the bitcoin was rejected.

Hello why is my bitcoin payout application for the bitcoin was rejected?
I have send to you my passport and Blockchain wallet id, I Don’t have some other ID card or Driving License.
Your Code: TAJSJJ


hey. same to me. waiting 4 days for approving. just be patient. all will be fine.

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Where is support ? how i can get help ? can’t make payout over 8 days !

hey. i just got approved my applicataion. Just be patient. time is a key =))

Hey, unfortunately we don’t accept passports as a form of valid ID.

You will need to apply and send some sort of national ID.

but I sent my national ID and was rejected :frowning:

Please, send me your invite code so I can send it to the proper team, so they can investigate.


I already did that, still waiting your answer

edit: now its approved, thanks to @DunnBiscuit to help me