BTC Payout issues

My BTC Payout applications got all rejected. I actually verified my ID and all is fine. The problem is : they are now asking me about a phone bill - not mentionned on the phone app neither on their ‘‘How to withdraw Bitcoin’’ support page too.

I’m a bit confused about it and also, I can’t provide it because my phone bill is at my dad’s name, not at mine. What can I do ?


If that number you registered with, you can simply get a bill of this Number and submit it for gameflip and it will be approved For sure!

Unfortunately I believe this to be incorrect, as mine was just rejected even though I submitted the bill, had the number tied to it. It is in my correct legal name, but on gameflip I put the first couple letters of my name when I went to originally sign up because I didn’t trust the site, tried to get it changed to real name, but who knows if they will do it.

Hello MadMan.

Don’t worry about it, gameflip is totally safe when you submit your info there it will be shown for you only no one else so you don’t have to be worry about this.:blush:

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I will try now.