bitcoin payout help

anyone here able to help me
i have a bitpay bitcoin wallet, and i use it on average 4-5 times a week
as you may know with bitpay address changes once a payment is recieved so i deleted the one linked on my gameflip account and tried to submit a new one,
now each time i have tried to submit a new one, they have all been rejected within the past week,

i have emailed in to gameflip and no one response back and i emailed them last thursday/friday…

can anyone here help?

if someones able to help, and i get the issue resolved i will send out any code i have listed on my listing to the helper free!

I think you have to complete the verification process again when you change your bitcoin address for security purposes. I have bitcoin core so I have no reason to change it


ID ? mine of course. They will check this topic, you can leave them your promotional code or your request number

lool, i mean type of id?
i only have a passport nothing else…
also with bitcore does the wallet not change?

@Jo_Clax Admins check this section almost everday and reply to problems. To expedite the process, go to your profile and provide your 6 digit invite code here. It will let them look up your account and attend to your problem.

bitcoin addresses never expire, for security reasons they provide you a new address after each transaction, you can still use your older address and you’ll be fine

So how do i get my old one on, back then -_-

They keep rejecting all my applications…