BitCoin Withdrawals got cancelled !

Hi guys !

My profile code is : HMTHWX
This is my first time to withdraw my funds on gameflip and i choose bitcoin option to withdraw my funds . But after ~12 hours my request changed from “Need Approvals” to “Cancelled” and i cant find out why ? Maybe because this is the first time and i requested to withdraw with big amount? Please help me out ! Thank you so much !

It could be the big amount on top of your first time. @DunnBiscuit would need to look into it.

Lucy :heart:

Thank you Lucy for always read all of my help topic and reply with greatest answer ! @DunnBiscuit Please help me out ! Thank you so much !

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It seems so, I see that you requested a larger payout. I’ll talk to the team to see what was wrong here.

If it gets canceled again, please try requesting lower amounts.

Thank you.

Thank you for fast support and your clear answer .I will try requesting lower amounts if my new request got gets canceled.