Bought a pro club sub and its not active yet....... had 3 sales go by without it....

Need a mod to help me get my sub active! Thanks

Hey Eprii!

Could you please PM me your invite code, so I can have a further look?

:trident: New forum moderators!

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dont know how to PM but its ZRE8SA

sir i also had 1 issue regarding sudden 4$ reversal charge , kindly help me out sir

Profile code=TZFDR5

iā€™m having same issue, i sent you my invite code in PM

If your pro club was on auto renewal then payment is made 2-3 days earlier. After 3 days your club will be reseted to 0$ used.

So you saying it will be reseted after the expire date not the payment date ? weird

Payment for club is made 2-3 days before and then cap will be reseted.

I also have the same problem, it shows that my club is active but it is not working.
profile code : JK4SDW