Gamer Club Subscription didnt restart

HI guys

I have one problem, my gamer club sub didnt restart after this month, it stuck on $49.84 , it should be after 18 march $0, pls check my profile and solve this my code ie A4LWNP

If you go to the subscription page it should tell you the time / day it should reset.

Lucy :heart:

its auto renew every 18 in month, but this month didnt restart “sales used” after that date, dont know why i just made one 18$ sale and it take fees

There’s a delay between the payment and when it actually starts/renews the subscription. I agree it can be frustrating.

dont know about that i am subbed for 6 months and always renew same date but now its different some bug or something

@DunnBiscuit would need to look into it then.

Lucy :heart:

ty guys for support my post :heart: , its now $0 :smiley:


Thanks for posting your issues and using the forums

Lucy :heart:

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