BTC Refund Not Processing


i tried to buy a game key using BTC like i always do but it mentioned that BTC payments are disabled… now i had sent the btc to the address before this… a few hours later i received a stripe email for refund and i provided the address… its been like 5 days since i did this and the refund has not been sent…

also… tried contacting support but no one is responding… any help??

could any of the mods here reply?? kinda stuck with no reply from support

Could you please contact Stripe support?
Unfortunately, that’s on their end and we have absolutely no visibility on pending BTC refunds.

contacted them before posting this here and this is what i received from them…any suggestions on what to do next??

What did you share with Stripe’s support prior to this response?

By reading her message, it seems that Katie didn’t understand your request. She even mentioned “bank” by the end of the message.

My recommendation is to provide screenshots to the email they sent you, the link they sent for refund and your BTC wallet address. They need to understand that you are talking about BTC first lol.

Let me know what happens next.

I have the same problem :confused:
Got any solutions?