Never got my funds!

I sent funds to the bitcoin address that i was told to send to and then when it showed, “you have recivied the bitcoin payment” i went to click complete but gave me an error saying “Bitcoin is not a payment opption” something like that.

I have sent proof via email support but no one is getting back to me.
I have all the proof if you are a staff member please help me.

so, you want cashout or add funds with bitcoin ?

Official Statement III: Bitcoin Purchases Disabled

No I wanted too add funds and it gave me the option to send as bitcoin but nothing was addeed into my account and it showed they got the bitcoin

Hey please, contact us at, we will be able to check this issue and help you further.


Already did they never got back

The same is happening to me today but it is paypal for me.

looks like gameflip had issue with payment or funds now…
i want refund because i got scammed, buyer was admitting mistake that hes trying to scam me, all evidence support me that im being scammed.
and now more than week, i dun get replied email from support. so my refunds on hold…for a long long time.

Do you mind sending me your invite code via PM so I can check your account and transactions and help you further?