PayPal disabled

I just got a notification stating…

Gameflip: PayPal payouts are temporarily unavailable. While we work on a fix, Payoneer and Bitcoin are available. Sorry for the trouble.

Did anyone else get this? Did I do something wrong?

There’s nothing wrong with your account @Maddie_Davis and thanks for replying back to us.

We are facing issues with PayPal and unfortunately, the fix must come from their end.

You can follow the developments on this subject on this thread: PayPal Temporarily Inaccessible

hi there is there any ITA when its may be back online @op_JOkEr as this problem can effect my store extremely fast as our operation relays on us using money from our sells to buy new keys and now we got money backed up in gameflip and our funds are running low

Bitcoin payouts are available ?

Try from Gameflip app

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