PayPal Currently Inactive

Hello Flippers,

PayPal’s service is currently inactive for payments or payouts on Gameflip. We are currently in contact with our account managers to expedite its recovery. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do on Gameflip’s side to reestablish PayPal’s service at this moment, so we will have to wait for PayPal to get a response on this.

Almost a week ago we’ve published the news that PayPal and Gameflip will no longer be partners (link below). Such decision remains firm, but our agreement was to have PayPal’s service live until November 25th. The lack of support from PayPal came to us as a surprise.

For the time being, we have no news from PayPal. In case you have urgency to receive your payout, I highly recommend you use another trustworthy partner, such as Payoneer, Skrill, or via Bitcoin payout.

Stands firm?, even though there a clear opposition on this matter, have you analize the effects in the long run? for example, how many sales goes through paypal compare to the other services?, I opened accounts last week on gameflip suggestion on skrill and payoneer which only focus on deposit that last one. They are not as good as paypal, and forcing your client base to put their private info to more stranger, I am pretty sure @op_JOkEr saw the opposition and their multiple point of views on your past paypal pinned post, I enjoyed gameflip since January of this year but, like many had said, I probably can’t not use your site or will not be anymore beneficial for me to purchase due to the difficulty it will be on my case and others, btw I am from Puerto Rico, a territory of U.S. always been treated as second class civilians, there always have been issues with our local banks and just recently on last two weeks ago, the only remaining international bank sold out and move put from P.R., leaving us vulnerable and increasingly more difficult to the online market on many places, Paypal has been a huge fix that my state/territory local banks accepts and deal with less issues. I may be a minority for gameflip, but it stills hurts, in my case, for me who always on this year of experience, this page sellers and constant coupons have helped me to get my games with my middle-low income remains. That is all…
Good day.

With the removal of paypal, many buyers go to other sites. so the sellers will decrease over time. because all sales will fall. Gameflip will lose a lot of customers. Buyers and sellers . Unfortunately most of your customers will use other sites. I wish you hadn’t done this…
Have a good day

I already got few sales cancelled cuz my customers aren’t being able to pay with Paypal.

Hi all. The issue has been resolved by PayPal. Payments and payouts should be working normally now, but please remember that November 24th is the very last day to withdraw funds from Gameflip to PayPal.

Starting November 25th, PayPal will no longer be supported.