Withdraw Paypal

I went on Gameflip today and one of my items had been sold.
After that I wanted to withdraw the money, but I don’t see the “paypal” option anymore.

Is it not possible to withdraw with paypal anymore?

Thanks in advance.

  • Wadiz

i think they have Removed the PayPal Withdrawal Option now there was chatter about it awhile ago im sorry Hope that Helps Ya :smile:

Gameflip’s partnership with PayPal will end on November 25th. As you know, there was a serious service disruption with our PayPal service last month and after exhaustive discussion with PayPal, we are not confident that this would not happen again in the future so both parties have made the tough decision to part ways. Both PayPal payment and payout will no longer be supported on Gameflip starting on November 25th. All sellers MUST submit their withdrawal requests by November 2…

Thank you!

Luckily I’ve only sold a glock water elemental recently, sadly idk if I can continue to use gameflip unless they get something as convient and trusted as paypal.

Thanks again!

The Paypal Service was awesome, i have withdraw Like many Time and i have sale many games in gameflip… and withdraw through paypal… and i tried to withdraw in Skrill it takes me Like $10 Extra charges.
i have $37 in gameflip. to withdraw my bank in takes me $27

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