Removal of Support for PayPal

Hello Flippers,

Gameflip’s partnership with PayPal will end on November 25th. As you know, there was a serious service disruption with our PayPal service last month and after exhaustive discussion with PayPal, we are not confident that this would not happen again in the future so both parties have made the tough decision to part ways.

Both PayPal payment and payout will no longer be supported on Gameflip starting on November 25th. All sellers MUST submit their withdrawal requests by November 24th at the latest in order to receive their funds through PayPal.

Rest assured, we have been working hard to add new payment partners to replace PayPal such as Skrill, PaySafeCard, Google Pay and Apple Pay. Please see below for a complete list of the current options.


  • Credit/Debit cards
  • Skrill (NEW!)
  • PaySafeCard (NEW!)
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • AliPay
  • WeChat Pay


  • Payoneer
  • Skrill (NEW!)
  • Bitcoin
  • Pre-paid credit card (via Payoneer or Skrill)
  • Bank transfer (via Payoneer or Skrill)
  • Crypto (via Skrill)

For further questions, please reply directly to this thread or send us a ticket via our Help Center.



Will you answer about the question about the problem witn Bitcoin payout?
My paymenr are “In Transit” already 27+ hours. And there is another sellers with the same problem.
Check the topic and answer pls

No!!! :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


Can anybody tell me which one of these services is most like Paypal and would recommend? Thank You

Bitcoin bro , trust me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I was thinking that but after seeing that thread with you and the others wondering what was up with payouts etc for it seems to happen a lot ehhhhhh idk :joy:

Nah dont worry , this is only this time delay


Thank You Apex Coin Lord! I’ll definitely be looking into it right away. :sunglasses::facepunch:




Welp I ain’t using this website.

As replied in the thread, all pending BTC payouts are now processed. Thanks for your patience.

Thanx a lot

Do reconsider, paypal has been my only way for purchase, even though been part of the US, My debit card and credit card are never been accepted, in your site, only through paypal it has even payment through bank directly, this can be interpreted has a preference for other services, there is two issues with this, first, the one I mentioned before that gameflip site does not accept my debit card, also second issue sometimes I get paid a day before some deals or in need for a cheapier gift card and been unable to pay through bank which helps me get the item on time without the need to wait for the next day, I believe paypal has been very helpful for me to realize most of my purchases here beside other website I shopped including on my switch which also accepts paypal, I have been a trustworthy buyer and always have leaved reply fast and don’t delay purchases when code is working.

As a Business Master degree graduate, I believe this is not a wise decision, can be confused that it givings the new methods better preferences and restricts seller and buyer of a current useful payment and payout method just because Gameflip and/or Paypal (not fully specified) are confident this issues will happen again, issue like that and worst have happened and will keep happening with any other payment and payout providers.

So why don’t KEEP PAYPAL with the rest of the providers, and when paypal doesn’t work, people have the option to use the other methods? there are things behind scenes and as a client if after the 25 of november thinks get difficult to purchase, I just pay directly from the console or look for another site that allows me to get cheap gift cards and does not give me any complications and/or allow me to use paypal.

Please reconsider, others like me on this that uses that service provider @op_JOkEr .


@op_JOkEr is the other payout options will be available starting from 25th november or not ?

Looks like I will have to stop selling and buying items here then.


what? This is awful news, i buy a lot, and i only use paypal, it is the safest payment method available, please reconsider.


Skrill is already available. We just launched it yesterday.
Have you ever tried them or Payoneer?

i only have payonner available, not skrill.
code : 963T3J

Also i recieved a email from gameflip support today saying “We don’t have the release date yet, it will be available soon.”

i’m so confused lol

Hey @kakarotto01 where are you located? Skrill have some logics to define the users they can serve, and country plays a big part on that. Maybe your country is not supported, but I can’t claim that without knowledge of where you’re from :face_with_raised_eyebrow: