Who else But me will end up closing his store bc of PAYPAL as he can't use other payout

i just wanna know and talk about why gameflip is really doing this as the reason there giving us is not enough as me and i can say it’s should be more than 50% using PayPal to pay and withdrew there here as it’s safe simple to use i do have good store here and we have an average of 1400$ sells month and that number go down seance gameflip started in past few months with this changes

  • limits post [ as we have access to 500 posts and we don’t have any duplicate all different games but we can’t post half now ]c
  • changed the shorting algorithm system
  • now deleting PayPal

personally all site that sells stuff have paypal as they know most customers are going to use it and gameflip will got massive damage from deleting it as people will go somewhere else to buy and us seller will not sell here as no matter how much money we make we will not be able to access it and even if paypal come back the damage here will take time as gameflip didn’t worn people trow site only here in forms as by 25 this month a lot of people will be wandering why they can’t pay or got there money out by paypal

  • i would just ask gameflip support to try to avoid this and try to keep there partnership with paypal as losing PayPal will just make this site fail

I agree with you here mate BUT the problem isn’t technically with Gameflip.
PayPal is a company that frowns upon “video game / in game item” sales so them breaking ties with Gameflip isn’t unexpected. They lost it once then got permissions back (obviously temporarily) and now we are here. It’s unfortunate but that’s the truth of the matter. Sucks because like you said a very large percentage of people use only PayPal so the site will lose a large amount of users

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There a lot ways of payout in Gameflip.

Yes there are other options, but we were speaking in terms of PayPal…

I understand.

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Cashout with Bitcoin is not bad . U have ATM-s everywhere and there is people who buying bitcoin for 1:1 (some of them give more than 1:1) u can find on reddit.

Payout on Payoneer also pretty good and comfortable

Bitcoin cashout is bad on gameflip. IT should be instantly. Sometimes it takes even 1-2day and as we know, bitcoin value change pretty fast. I did withdraw in btc 1 week ago and 3 days ago. I lost over 200$ right now cuz price went down and i’m waiting .

Can buy anything new, cant invest in new skins because is not worth to work at all, not worth to sell. Better is just to keep money for me. That selling here. I will move to other website, if some things will be not fixed.

Payonner has big fees. for 100$ i paid like 12$ - not worth.

How? If I do payout 100 usd - I pay 1%+1 usd, so 2 usd from 100 usd. I created payoneer card and I can use it everywhere and always


is not 1% but is 1%+1$ on gameflip side
There is extra fees on Payoneer (atleast in my country) and they take extra 8-9$ for 100$.

So, when i withdraw 100, gameflip sent 98$. When i Receive on Payoneer, Payonner takes 8-9 and i have 89-90$ in my account.

Card cost 25$ yearly.

You always say you will “move to other website” yet you’re still here… hmmm

with this most will as for u the fees may not be much and your just saying use other ways to pay non of those ways work for most people as to me to pay the only option is PayPal and also to withdrew and seance it’s will be gone i can’t speed money to got it stuck as with paypal i directly got it to my bank then use it to got more stuff as seance i did hear about this i did ask a lot of customers about the way they pay and 80% said paypal and after i told me it’s will be removed they all said they will not use this site as most don’t wanna gave there card info or there card don’t got accepted by the site

and u will start to see the effect on sells starting 25th

Already i dont use gameflip as my main website to sell and i’m working on moving. I gonna still use gameflip but mostly to buy items.

Dude, that’s really bad since PayPal is usually faster and better to get smaller quantities of money. What I’m always thinking about is: why Gameflip keeps chargin these fees to transfer our money? They already have fees for every single sale, so why should I pay 1% + U$1.00 for a transfer with Payoneer?

I’d be glad if any adm could answer my question.