Gameflip doesn't pay money!

It was registered on the website Gameflip I gathered 20 sales! Then I decided to try to take away the money for bitcoin! I sent the photos of the car driver license and the passport! I sent time 7 ALWAYS the REFUSAL CAME!!! I wrote to support a result of ANY NORMAL ANSWER 11 days ago I DIDN’T SEE STILL!!! Then I decided to bring to paypal put 5 and 10 dollars brought to a conclusion very quickly! Then I decided to take away 400 dollars on PAYPAL and as always the REFUSAL came!!!
We draw a conclusion that the website DOESN’T PAY YOUR MONEY!!!

I have the same problem, they don’t pay.

It says “Needs approval”, which doesn’t mean you’re not being paid. It’s actually for your protection, in case someone hacks and pay themselves (and quickly gone).

If you entered legit info, why worry? There’re thousands of sellers with thousands of feedback score. They wouldn’t be around if they’re not paid.

as was to be shown have again cancelled payment! Already ridiculously!!! DON’T TRUST THEM THEY DON’T PAY!!!

probably you’ve sold something you were not allowed to

Sounds like suspicious transactions!

To you to accuse all that they are swindlers)))) YOU are SWINDLERS! I AM ALL RIGHT with Transactions


At gameflip every time is the new reason NOT to PAY money! Now have told that I haven’t completely confirmed PAYPAL! I HAVE HIM FOR 100 PERCENT FOR A LONG TIME!

they told me the same, and my Paypal is verified and I can receive without limit, this is not a reason.

They every time think out the new reason NOT to PAY!!!

I only want to get my money and leave from here. this is too much.

my job is to resell and now i stopped because still waiting for my money.

hmmmm…something wrong with this site and maybe report this website as a scam site if you guys still have problems…

Problems are and remained! And no which of administration of the website can help to solve them! Support is silent!

try to withdraw small amount…like $50-$100 and see if does it work if still not…something wrong.

i can still withdraw money on my account almost instant if below $20 but if above it took 48hrs before i got the money on my paypal

I want to take away all the money to be convinced that it is not deception!

I have had no issues cashing out.

Give me screenshots where the status of Paid)


And at me cancel all attempts of a conclusion ((((and can’t explain in what trouble!!!