Official Statement III: Bitcoin Purchases Disabled

Hello Flippers,

Due to an issue with our Bitcoin payment processor, we are disabling the support for Bitcoin purchases at this moment.
While we handle the investigation with the processor, PayPal and Credit Card are still supported options for payment.

There are no expected changes for payouts at this moment, as Bitcoin and PayPal will continue to be supported as payout methods.
For those waiting for payouts to be fulfilled, please read the topic below.


hello. so we cant withdrow money throught bitcoin now, right?

you can if payout/withdrawl i think, just cant if add fund/purchase

You can still withdraw bitcoins, you just can’t use them as a payment/funding method at this time according to the post. However, based on previous posts there are delays for all methods of withdrawal.

Because I always use bitcoin as a payment to add funds in my account it still gave me the option to pay with bitcoin, so i sent money to the bitcoin address it sent me. But It never added the funds into my account. And it said they bitcoin was received.

I have opened a ticket and no one has helped me or got back to me

Can you help me

thank you for the update