Purchases enabled (Credit/Debit cards)/BTC Payouts

Hello Flippers,

Our developers integrated new payment processors for cards, so we reactivated payments with credit/debit and prepaid cards.

BTC payments are still unavailable, unfortunately.

I’ll keep you informed.

UPDATE: All BTC payouts that were requested up to yesterday were paid. If you still have any issues or questioins regarding BTC payout or anything else, please let me know

Have a great day!

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Hi DunnBiscuit , could you please verify my BTC payout , i already sold 20 items and i have 1 listing on sale but support still reply that i need to sold at least 20 items. my code is FGB3BX , request #161705

After doing several things to try and verify my purchase i sent them a screenshot of my statement (like support said) showing that the payment had been made on my side. However it still says pending on my activity list and the money isnt i my gameflip wallet. My support ticket number is 166856 please help me.