Payout verification help

Payout application verification is pending for days for my account, and i was already verified once. All my business is on hold because of this. I will keep opening threads until someone addresses my issue. I cannot afford waiting any longer I need this problem solved today. Anyone?

Keep opening threads and you will be banned


@Wayz_Shop i’m not a noob, i’m just mad. Support tickets were already opened, guess what? The support team is not replying. For days. And i don’t mean two days, and i did not count the weekend as business days. Thanks for the update i had no idea there are no mods on a forum this size during the weekend.

@U.S.ArmyMP thanks for the heads-up.

@Gameflip support @DunnBiscuit I have support tickets opened 5 and 7 days ago which no one is answering. I also have a BTC payout verification request (I should not be re-verified because i accidentally removed my wallet by-the-way) pending since 4 days ago. No one is answering me anywhere.