Withdrawal bug URGENT MATTER

@DunnBiscuit please help guys somehow the cryptowallet I had approved and used for payouts for months is gone from my account, detached. I applied for a new payout and i used the same wallet to apply but the website says it takes days to be approved, just like It was the first time. Considering the extremely bullish btc market this could cost me hundreds of dollars in losses, Can you guys please help solve this faster? I even opened a ticket but last time i opened a ticket the team did not respond for 2 whole days. I need urgent help with this.

Can anyone help with this? My bitcoin payout applications keep dissapearing from my account and i’m not getting a reply via e-mail regarding this or a reply here, or a reply to my support ticket.

Can anyone help with this my new payout verification application is pending for days:

Your application have been submitted and will be reviewed by our staff. This process can take few days. We will email you after the process is complete.

I was already verified once in the past do I have to go through this every-time? I almost lost my whole working week with this and support tickets that are not being replied to for days.

Can anyone help with this? I need this problem solved today.


Moderators are usually offline during Weekends!!!

You can always create ticket to support here