Bitcoin payment issue

Hello, I am selling Giftcards on Gameflip and have made some cashouts in bitcoin.
I had some payouts and two of them have 0/3 confirmations and hence they will be returned (refunded) back to the sender because of payment being rejected by the network

i have been mailing Gameflip from two days and there is no reply.

I have three payouts:
$171, 900 and $1640

Any admin here to help ?

I am also selling gift cards on gameflip and withdrew payment via bitcoin 5 days ago but still I didn’t receive payment…

did u verified ur bitcoin payout first?

I am still waiting for an reply… Gameflip’s support is so slow

Yes I verified bitcoin address before withdraw because cannot withdraw to bitcoin before verification and after how many u receive bitcoin and then rejected by network ?

I made different payouts and they came late and now they are pending since 3 days… Not getting rejected nor coming in my account…

Payouts were of $171 and $900…

Gameflip is sending payouts with low fees hence the confirmation issue… I urge Gameflip to send with higher fees and cut it from us… (sellers) so we can get our payment at time.

I am still waiting for reply from gameflip … My money is in air…

oh ok … that’s true gameflip send bitcoins with low fee while they charge us 1% cashout fee. My first payout 5 days ago $290 still pending then last day I payout $480 and today again I payout $330 few minutes ago. I contacted customer support last day but still no reply … very slow service as usual …

Yeah i have over $2800 in payments from Gameflip to be done…

are u the same xbox77 from PG?

I don’t understand … Whats PG means ?


haha that’s right … Are u from pakistan ?

Hey guys, I’m sorry for the late answer.

Due to the high tickets’s traffic we are having, we are taking longer to answer them.

If you still have issues, please, send me here your request numbers so I can help you directly.

Thank you.

Bitcoin has been in crazy fluctuation mode over the last couple weeks, so I’m sure a lot of transactions had being delayed.