Bug items cs:go and inspect link for smartphones

hello good afternoon, please clear the bug of the csgo items, they are not presenting the FLOAT in items deposited in the bots. now I would suggest the idea of ​​the inspect link of the items being available in the information so we can inspect the items through IOS or Android. It’s horrible when you are interested in an item and you do not have to inspect it through smartphones! thanks

The reason is that you can’t launch (inspect) the game from iOS or Android, so inspection is only available on the web (PC) version.

I think it’s outdated! if we have inspect link, we can copy and go in cs.deals and paste and we can view the item of any smartphone, I do this all the time with steam market items or third party inventories. I am asking or indicating to the site, that it would be better if the inspect link was on the page of the item, so we can copy and view the items from smartphones. :slight_smile:

in short, we need only the inspect link, do not start the game on ios

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll pass it to the team so we can see what can be done.

Thank you.

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Thanks Dunn! Float is much important :slight_smile: !

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