Official Statement: CSGO item hold for 7 days after trades

Hello Flippers,

The latest CSGO patch was released today and among other changes, it includes a new 7-day hold to all CSGO items received in trades. See the news posted by Valve:


The change affects the entire CSGO community and changes the pace of trading in and outside of Gameflip. We believe this 7d trade hold is not beneficial to the trading community and if you agree, we can demonstrate to Valve our opinion by signing a petition or emailing them at

Can I continue selling CSGO items on Gameflip?

YES. To keep your sales at pace, we highly recommend you to choose the delivery method “Coordinated Transfer” when listing your skins. Here’s a quick guide on how to do that:

  1. Start a listing by click on the SELL button on or Gameflip app
  2. Select IN-GAME ITEMS then CSGO
  3. On the next screen, follow the steps:

  1. On the listing screen, scroll down, and choose the Coordinated Transfer and the handling days.

  1. Set the price and list the item

IMPORTANT After you sell a listing which Delivery Method is Coordinated Transfer, you will have to manually transfer your item to the buyer within the handling days.

To avoid issues, do not send your item before the order is placed processed. You will be notified by Gameflip when to send it.

Also, do not ask buyers to rate first as buyers should only rate a transaction if the item was successfully received.

What happens to my CSGO items on Gameflip?

If you have items already listed on Gameflip, buyers should still be able to purchase them and you can also return them.

What happens if I buy CSGO items on Gameflip?

You should be able to buy items normally.

What will Gameflip do next?

We are looking into further feature possibilities, but for now we continue to operate all services normally.

Please reply to this thread in case you have further questions.

~ Gameflip Team

Hey, I tried to
Withdraw 3 listed skins (cobblestone packages) but I got an error message saying that the bot is tradebanned (the items have been for a few days in the bot)

I have same problem with my other skins, you can read about it here: You cannot trade with ChojaK because you have a trade ban.

This seem to be a different problem. We will update you guys as soon as possible as we’re investigating right now.

Is that consistent across all of your items?

Yes those 3 skins which I listed at the same time & only with that bot

not with all skins, just with some. this is one of the items i cant withdraw. i receive this error and i sent it some days ago to a bot - before today update.

We have just rolled out support for the new 7 day trade-hold.

When listing a CSGO item on Gameflip via MULTIPLE SKINS, your items will be held on the Draft tab for 7 days after the deposit to our bots is complete. After this 7-day period is passed, your skins will be automatically listed.

To ensure competitive pricing, we recommend all CSGO sellers to check their item prices prior to the end of the 7-day trade hold.

Skins listings via SINGLE LISTING will not be listed automatically after the 7-day period.

Please, let us know if you have questions.

Here’s an FAQ about the current approach with CSGO skin listings via bot: