Need help with my item.

ive traded my item with the bot but the item did not appeared and now i cannot proceeds with the listing.

what were you trying to list? Also, post your invite codes so mods can help you.

its an CSGO item. AK-47 BloodSport factory new - this is my code V7URBM

Don’t you know about the trade lock for CsGo items? All items will be unavailable to trade for 7 days after a trade js done… Just like the Steam market items.

You will see your item on Gameflip after a week when it turns tradeable so you can retrieve it or wait for it to get sold.

Actually, i think you can see your item on your listings in the “draft” section. But you can’t list it for sale yet, gotta wait 7 days.

Here you can see all details Official Statement: CSGO item hold for 7 days after trades

also this

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Thanks for the info, dude. Im a little confused because this is my 1st time listing an item. you’re so helpful. :+1: