Item Listing gone & Bot No longer has item

Hello, So I started selling Csgo skins again and I decided to place items on the bot trade since its automatic and one of my listing is missing and I cant find it in the bot too, the item is not sold nor I returned it. It is just gone. The listing cant be found help! Note I contacted support but taking too long.

Sorry to hear that monster. As i have no experience in CSGO skins or bots i can not help on this issue. But I’d like to let you know that during the weekend support is not avaliale. So that is why you are not getting any responses. They will return monday morning and start sifting through all the support tickets. Its 1st entered first served so Just wait monday and you should get a response back in helping assist you about your issue. Hope this helps.

I just saw my items and i have same problem, i’ve added to bot 3 Five-SeveN | Case Hardened (Factory New), 2 of them i sold and 1 is missing. i dont have it on draft, on sale or on sold category. I just my money and item sold and i think there are other skins gone, but i’m not sure.

@Pawel_Chojecki @Monster Just make sure you have sent all the information to Support and we will make sure any Bot issues you are having will get resolved and your skins back.

I’ve had this problem but with £14 worth of items ( 7 csgo Keys).

Contact support by logging into the website/app and file a ticket, and they can look at your situation. For sure, you won’t lose any skins/items.