Many skins missing

I’m future seller and i had notice that many skins i deposed on bots ready to sell are gone. i don’t have these on “on sale”, “draft” or in “expired”.
I had count skins and there is less than i’ve added before. One of missing skin is a knife (karambit blue still).
I really like this website and i love to sell here, but after i lost many skins i will stop selling using bot.

If you haven’t done so already, please send in a ticket to Support so we can further look into this for you as well as have you on file so we can make sure to help you get your Skins back.

It is a big problem

I brought it back my 2 item. Im don’t know, how many skins I lost :S

I made a video about it.

Yesterday i got finally back p90 assimov from support. I’ve add it again and guess what, is gone again. This is really annoying. Please fix it asap or i will just stop selling here. I loose more then i earn now.

@Pawel_Chojecki I’m going to respond to what I had just sent in a Support ticket to @Muhammed_K.

"Some good news, we have determined where this issue is originating from and understand it better. Even though it may seem like your item is missing, the issue is ultimately because the back-end (servers) and front-end (UI) are not accurately responding to each other and in turn not showing up in your listings. But, they are still on the back-end.

The bad news, we still need some more time to fix this bug, but now better understand what the issue is and can address it."

With this being said, we know what to ask for and what to be looking for. So can both of you do your best to list out any and all known items currently not showing up in your On Sale tab and either create a new Support ticket or respond to one that you have open.

Again we apologize about this and appreciate your patience. But rest assure, we will make sure that all listings that you have created reappear.

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Will be hard to understand what items are missing (many of times ive added same skins multiple times), i’m sure about 2 only for now.

And, i can wait. I just want to know if there are any works going on :wink:

No worries if you don’t know off the top of your head. This bug is a tricky one since you can’t see the item. I just want to try and get as much data as I can to get to the engineers to better understand how to fix the bug. Once it is fixed however, the listings should just re-appear as we can see them on the back-end.

And we are definitely working on fixing it :slight_smile: Unfortunately I believe this bug was being mistaken for another bug that was going on :unamused:

can you plz do the same for me but my flip knife slaughter has gone missing

plz help i do not wish to lost 140$

Hey @ITZ_Masoned13, anyone effected by this bug will automatically see their listing back in either their Draft or On Sale tab once the fix does get rolled out. I was testing the fix yesterday so we should hopefully be able to get it out over the next couple of days!

I guess it is fixed. Got all my skins gone before back :wink:

Awesome! Thanks for verifying the fix worked. Again we apologize about this issue and appreciate your patience as we worked to resolve it.

And i still miss my skins

Ok, i receive many skins in back. Still some are missing but maybe i have still to wait :wink: i will post later if i receive all.

seem like i got all back, thanks guys. Now i have to check all skins (price etc)

Good job.

Great to hear! There’s still a couple of other minor bugs that we are working on that may effect some of the listing issues users are having (aka not being able to retrieve the item back from the bot), but we should have a fix for that next week.