URGENT HELP - CS:GO items missing

Lets try this way as your support tickets go unanswered. it has been over a month now since i made you aware of the problem via support on the website other than the “do you still need help” email after 3 days the tickets have gone unanswered.

Gameflip account: BGQU82
Support Ticket 1: #263613
Support Ticket 2: #273812
Support Ticket 3: #286308

I can only assume that this problem has come about due to they new trade holds and im sure you are having to deal with them a lot as it cant just be me but 1 month is a long time for anyone to have to wait when they have items missing because of a glitch at your end.

I figured out that the skins only seem to go missing if you create a new listing from scratch adding the skin to the bot at time of creation as with all it then sits in drafts while on hold but soon as the 7 days is up it vanishes.
If the listing is live with no skin added to the bot but then you add to the bot it sits on hold for 7 days then goes expired and from there you can list and everything is fine.
I sat and watched 25 listings vanish and couldn’t do anything to stop them other than wait and email support and 1 month on and my skins are still missing with not the slightest bit of help.
most people would be shouting out about how GameFlip scammed them however I believe in what you are doing and I trust this is nothing more than a glitch but you cant expect people to be accepting if your support is soo bad
I have hundreds of other items and thousands of games I wish to sell on here but while you have my skins I am reluctant to list anything new please fix this ASAP so business can return to normal

Hello, this is very odd since you were the only one that reported a case like this. Nevertheless. I answered your ticket and merged the other ones since the subject is the same.

Please provide every piece of information I asked via ticket. Then PM here, so I can get notified and help you further.

Remember, if you open new topics, new tickets instead of just PMing me, will cause a delay on the investigation since I’ll need to check every new topic/ticket of yours.

Thank you.