Why is this like that?

Why do I have trade ban for 7 days on a cs go key I just bought with trade bot? Like from the actual market

You didn’t know about that update on CS GO skins ? The update was released almost a year ago, and every cs go item you trade with someone, the skin becomes unavailable for trades on period of 7 days.

So even a normal trade? I recently got back into steam

Just CS GO

What to do if someone buys key, i send him the key and he doesnt answer and accept the trade on gameflip?

You won’t be able to list the key until it’s able to be traded. Once you send the key mark it as sent and a 3 day countdown timer starts. When he rates or after 3 days the funds will be added to you balance as long as the buyer does not dispute.

I guess this kid would make me wait 3 days…