LIMITED! CSGO 0% Sales Fees

In light of the latest CSGO patch, which added a 7-day hold for all item trades (learn more about the patch), Gameflip is giving back to the community and we are CUTTING ALL CSGO SALES FEES TO ZERO for a very limited time!

To faster expedite your trades, we recommend the use of Coordinated Transfers.

What are Coordinated Transfers?

Coordinated Transfer is a method of item delivery in which no bots are involved. The sellers who choose to list their items via Coordinated Transfer will be notified by Gameflip after an item is sold and then presented with instructions on how to fulfill the sale. In short, sellers have to manually send the trade to the buyers.

Coordinated Transfer sales demand more time and effort from the sellers, but given the current 7-day hold on CSGO item trading, sellers can expedite their trades faster and have higher item turnover by not using bots as a middleman.

Regardless of which delivery method you choose, all CSGO listings sold during the promotion period will receive the benefit of 0% sales commission and fees!


The end of this promotion will be announced in this thread, approximately 24 hours before it’s ending date.

This promotion ends on 6/14 PDT, along with Fortnite, Warframe and Roblox zero sales fees.

But you can still sell for zero sales fees! Apply today for the free trial of brand new Gameflip Club subscription and enjoy zero fees for the first $50 sold every month!

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