Suggestion: Add on site inventory for csgo skins

I suggest adding on site inventory to reserve csgo skins after buying it to make it available for withdrawal or to be sold again without the need to manually take it and send it to gameflip bot again. Also gameflip needs to let us buy, sell csgo skins reserved in that on site inventory
Doing this will save time for both seller and buyer (instead of waiting 14 day due to steam trade holds)


wasn’t that what opskins were doing last time before getting warned or something? pretty sure thats how vgo skins or something came about

It was on opskins yea but it’s on many other market places like bitskin, dmarket,etc and they are fine idk so much about vgo but i think this suggestion won’t do any harm to the website

“You have to retrieve the item from bot within 1 hour or the purchase is cancelled”, that’s a lot of changes to do.
Agree that CSGO market needs a better implementation.

Opskins got warned because they did bypass trade hold for gambling websites. Valve That why banned them cuz all this trade hold was made to fight gambling.

Other market has (like bitskins or has their inventory, but you can only sell or retrieve to your steam account, you cant trade it to other user or other websites.

Opskins made new website to trade between user or gambling website to bypass it.