Bug withdraw how i can fast conctact with supports?

I was in section “wallet =>request payout” https://gameflip.com/payout after, my btc address + photo already accepting, and 5 days ago i withdraw my first money, but now, i wanted change my btc, click add new address but look Again form with Photo address etc, i close window and that i see? Successful withdraw, I’M NOT CLICK ‘CONFIRM PAYOUT’, What the BUG ? Support pls check my witdraw (3k$+) if u can… i very worry for money

There is no live support … about 2-3 days… and they will answer or not… this is a biggest - fail for the Known market as You are gameflip

Can you please send me your invite code via PM?

Sure some mins

how i can do it?

can u tell me how i can pm you , i have 2 pending withdr for like 2 days so can u cancel my pending withdraw so i can buy some item atleast?

Hey guys, to PM us, just click on our names, a new window will pop, then click on the orange button “Message”, write your message and then send it to us.