Buying $200 US amazon gift card

Hello, I’m looking to buy $200 US Amazon Gift Card for $166 USD. I’ve already loaded the funds into my account, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to purchase this deal from another seller. Please let me know if you can list this on your listing. Thanks

This seller has $100 cards for $83 each, so buy two of those for a total of $166 :slight_smile:

I appreciate it, but I’ve had a pretty bad experience with this seller. I bought this listing one time for a promotion, and this seller sent me a used code after I waited for 8hrs, after I spoke with the seller that the code was used and provided proof, the seller said he/she will replace another code for me, not only did I not receive a usable code after 20 hours of wait time, I missed the promotion as well, and coincidentally the seller received ratings on other $100 US Amazon Card sold. I should’ve been aware of this knowing that the seller got less rating in comparison to the amount of listings sold. Overall it was a terrible experience and personally I refrain to buy from his/her store ever again.