Amazon gift card for sale


I’m a legit seller of amazon gc check out my listing here

Hey! Check out Ms Trafalgar Law’s inventory on Gameflip. It’s awesome!

Have a nice day!


Nice. I’ll keep my eye on your profile.

Any chance you can offer standard denominations (single values, instead of multiple cards)? An example would be single cards for $10-25-50-100-150-200-250-500.

This interests me as im a reseller.


Yes sir,i can list in single denomination in 10 usd.


No, I mean single cards for all different denominations. Can you get those? or is it just in 10s?

Im asking if you can get 1 gift card for $10, 1 gift card for $50, 1 gift card for $100…and so on.


I only got 10’s sir