I got few gift cards for good prices

Amazon, iTunes and Google, all for good prices. All are instant delivery, I’m online 24/7 if you need my attention. Thank me later.

I got few now gift cards now.

Got Amazon for good price guys, note I only sell physical cards, I can send pics if you want, that’s if you purchase any, I’m always online if my attention is needed.

Good Google cards 10% off, Instant Delivery.

What kind of deals you got for Amazon and Google? I would ask about GameStop and others but I see you specify Amazon/Google here. I do not buy in bulk, but I buy consistently. Currently cannot PM/DM (always forget to sign in for forums). Also I redeem almost immediately, close transactions fast, and positively review reliable people. I do not downvote if a deal goes south, only if a person is just dishonest in their dealing–I know mistakes happen.

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Hi thanks @Brock_Thudsteel I just replied to your message.

@VerifiedSeller Hey let me know when you are around! Thx for the response

I just Replied you.

I got gift cards with good rates guys, 8-10% off.

Can I buy Verizon and Target

No. Just Amazon, Google and iTunes

I got Amazon at the moment guys.

ITunes and Amazon available for good rates guys.

Amazon gift cards available, few remaining, good rates.

How much for 100$ ituunss?

Not available at the moment