Can I Get BANNED!!

Hey Everyone Can You get banned for doing this
So I make Montages for People Right in Young and Edit peoples clips/Videos However They can’t send me the videos/clips through Gameflip so are you allowed to Message through Discord Ect Just to get the videos or something or does that go against The Rules Of taking business deals outside of Gameflip IM Need asap Help thanks am i allowed to proceed

You’re allowed to contact each other to complete the transaction/service (AFTER purchasing within Gameflip) via Discord or any other external communication.

What you’re NOT allowed to do is advertise (in listing or profile) your service and and information so that buyers would contact you outside of Gameflip to conduct the transaction. Does that make sense?

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Aye Yes I Fully Understand Now Thanks So much TheFuBar Made my life Much more easier Have an Amazing Day :slight_smile: Helped Alot.

for gigs i do think it’s allowed

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Yeah Hopefully Thanks