Can someone help me with bad rate ?

I told guy open dispute like 3times and he just finished transaction and gave me bad rate lol …

@DarkKnight @MajorTom

Hello @San_Marino1,

I have removed the bad rating for you :wink:

Have a great day!

God Speed! :trident:

Ammm, there is one more… If u can take a look . Thank you :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry bro

Hey @San_Marino1,

Sorry for the wait.

Was your issue already resolved?

God Speed! :trident:

U removed but i got 2 more bad rates … Just please take a look between me and customer … Unfair rate for sure. Sorry <3

Hey @San_Marino1,

Sorry about that…so many users to answer hehe

Not a problem :wink:

Let me take a look for you.

God Speed! :trident:

Sure take your time . U are doing best your job so :smiley:

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Thanks for the feedback @San_Marino1, really appreciate it!

I verified the two cases and have removed the ratings for you :wink:

God Speed! :trident:

Thank you Sir

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Not a problem @San_Marino1!

Have a wonderful day!

God Speed! :trident:

Ah can u take a look again ?
She/he gave me 6 bad rates because one code were invalid (Sometime happend) ._.
Thank you <3

Hey @San_Marino1,

Will take a look for you :wink:

God Speed! :trident:

hi, I just sent you some messages about my ticket please 546504


Hey @San_Marino1,

I have verified the case and since the user did not message you and did not open a dispute, I have removed the poor ratings.

Have a good day!

Hey @usergx,

Going to verify your issue now.

God Speed! :trident:

@San_Marino I have purchased many gift cards from San Marino, then on March 13 the code they sent did not work. I communicated this to the seller and provided documentation of the issue, they responded and then had to cancel the sale due to the issue. I did not leave them a bad review since I understand that things like this happen. I went to make another gift card purchase today only to find out I was blocked. I feel like blocking customers that had a hick up with an order a bit excessive. @DarkKnight

So ?
That’s my decision.
I can block who I want and decide who to buy from me and who not to.
Idk why is this matter for Dark Knight but ok
Only I go into minus so my problem is.

Is there anyway to get unblocked?

Send me your gameflip profile link .