Cant Deposit into my wallet ?

Hi guys first time poster, just have a question regarding depositing USD into my wallet to buy items with ive made a few deposits so far but i tried the other day to deposit and it said it was rejected as fraud , is this because i need to verify my account? eg. send everything in or is there something else at play?

if a admin has read this i have submitted all my documents for my account today and i sent a ticket about 3 days ago with no reply so far.

any help would be gratefully appreciated.

edit my invite code is M4F68D

Check with your bank by the time a moderator responds

@DunnBiscuit this guy can help you


If you are receiving this error, that means that you are typing the card information wrongly or you are trying to add a card that ia already cancelled or blocked by your bank.

Please, contact them to see what is going on.

Regarding your documents, I saw that one of them was approved and the rest was rejected. Please, check the rejection reasons and send them again.