Unable to add to my wallet?

I’ve had no issues with my debit card until the other day. It took me to the site to verify the amount with my bank. I did. It said it couldn’t verify it or something? Same thing when I made a PayPal to try to transfer money into my wallet. Called the bank, they didn’t stop it or even see it “Gameflip” or “PayPay *GameFlip” or whatever else it may of come through as. Am I missing something?

Hi there

Contact the support here

This hasn’t happened until they updated. Is there something we need to do on our end?

If there is a new update, Gameflip should inform us. There was a lot of scammers these days and they keep coming back again and again. I don’t know, just contact them directly thro link above and wait for an answer.

Bet. Thanks brother



If you didn’t get any answer yet, please, let me know (and send me your invite code) so I can help you further.


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SWPCC8. Is my invite code. I have no be assisted yet.

Just answered it. Please send the information requested, so we can assist you further.